Our Sectors


Cuquerella Abogados is a law firm with a high specialization in the public sector. After more than 30 years of professional experience, we know the reality of public entities and their daily needs.

Our legal services for the public sector include:

  • Development of unified legal criteria and procedural and procedural strategy.
  • Legal support in the management and awarding of contracts.
  • Review of files prior to their resolution
  • Advice and jurisprudential study on the reasoning of the files
  • Advice on the standardization of files
  • Analysis of files affected by recent jurisprudence.
  • Revision, adaptation and drafting of all kinds of legal documents.
  • Resolution of consultations
  • Drafting and issuance of legal reports and/or opinions
  • Advice on the appropriateness and suitability of filing appeals.
  • Attendance at meetings, conferences and negotiations
  • Representation and defense in court and before administrative bodies.

At Cuquerella Lawyers

We have been awarded, through the corresponding public bidding process, contracts with entities such as:

  • Visit Valencia Foundation
  • Valencian Export Institute
  • Valencian Institute of Finance
  • Alcàsser City Council
  • Sagunto City Council
  • Silla City Council
  • CeiMigra Foundation (Jesuit Service to Migrants)
  • Agrupación Española de empresas Exportadoras (ARVET) (Spanish Association of Exporting Companies)
  • Spanish Federation of Industrial Associations and Exporters of Decorative Lighting Fixtures and Fittings (FEDAI DEC)
  • National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain (ANIEME)
  • City of Arts and Sciences
  • Ayora City Council