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Cuquerella Lawyers

Individuals and companies

entrust us with their criminal matters

Our team develops appropriate strategies to obtain the best result in each process.

We have professionals with solid experience in the criminal jurisdiction, prepared to advise, prosecute and defend individuals and legal entities.

It is in our DNA to provide solutions that go beyond legal matters, that is why we also work to preserve the honor of our clients involved in this type of proceedings.

Among other matters, we offer advice on:

  • Property crimes (fraud, punishable insolvency, misappropriation)
  • Corporate crimes
  • Accounting misrepresentation and fraudulent administration
  • Crimes against honor and privacy
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security
  • Legal defense in court
  • Crimes against property
  • Investigation of criminal acts perpetrated within a company
  • Alteration of prices in public tenders and auctions
  • International economic crimes
  • Design and implementation of criminal prevention programs within the company.
  • Computer crimes: crimes committed with technological means (disclosure of company secrets, reputational attacks via the Internet, etc.).

Criminal Compliance

Compliance programs in the criminal area have become consolidated as one of the main measures that companies can adopt in terms of prevention.

Having a compliance program has become the way to prevent the commission of crimes and criminal liability within organizations.

At Cuquerella Lawyers, we provide our clients with a comprehensive service with the necessary advice and support to enable the implementation of a Criminal Compliance program in the company.

  • Design of the criminal compliance program
  • Drafting of corporate manuals and protocols
  • Criminal risk assessment
  • Support, by means of reception reports, in the mandatory communications to employees, collaborators and responsible persons.
  • Control of compliance with prevention program measures.
  • Development of a whistleblower channel
  • Advice to the bodies in charge of implementing the criminal compliance program and training courses for its proper implementation.